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my latest adventure

...started late November 2020 when I picked up some paint brushes and decided to dabble with acrylic paints. It's been about four decades since my one painting class in college, so this feels like an art awakening!  I added soft pastels to my repertoire just recently, about a year later. 

It's all still a bit scary, and I'm really

 not sure where this path is leading,

but I'm choosing to follow.


Maybe one day, I'll settle into a definite style; but until then, I'll just bounce along and enjoy the ride!

Thank you for browsing through my very eclectic collection of works...

YES!  Most of the ORIGINAL pieces are for sale - please get in touch for details, or if you'd like to see the art in person.   ALSO AVAILABLE are high resolution, amazingly-faithful Gicleé prints, some of which are ON SALE! 

Landscapes & Nature in Acrylics

Mostly landscapes, but not exclusively. At times fairly representational, at others, much looser - just depends what mood I'm in, or, the work starts going in one direction, and I sort of follow it.  

Landscapes & Nature in Soft Pastels

Late in 2021, I added soft pastels to my painting adventure!  I'm enjoying the new tactile experience and learning something with every piece!  Again mostly landscapes.  

Leaning towards abstraction

Sometimes the feel of a place is evoked through shapes, color and values and very little detail.  I find these quite exciting and liberating to do, especially if I've just finished something with a lot of detail...

Other Abstract Works

My playground!  Experimentations with colors and textures - you never know what you might find here...

Abst Face 2 Feb 21.jpg
Faces, Figures & Fantasy

Another playground, really; I've just grouped the ones that feature us humans here.  From the serious to the totally whimsical! 

Still Life

A form I will delve into a bit more one of these days....


These images are created on IOS and Windows platforms or a combination.  Like my acrylic paintings, they are inspired by feelings, memories, places, photos, or are just happy accidents as I'm experimenting with colors or textures.  They are not digitally manipulated photos. They start as a blank "canvas" and are drawn/painted in freehand.   

Photo Jan 28, 9 45 44 AM.jpg
Drawings and Sketches

Had the best intentions of doing more pen and ink drawings, but acrylics, and now soft pastels just kept getting in the way.  I'm sure I'll get the sketching itch again, one of these days.