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Here's another fossil stone - imagine shells and bones and vegetation compressed over eons and turning into stone... Mariam Jasper comes from the Himalayan mountains in India and is referred to by many Mariam Stone, Mariyam Jasper, Mariyam Agate, Snake Jasper, Elephant Skin Jasper,  Coquina Jasper, Scriptstone, Calligraphy Script Stone and many others!


I created a unique, loopy frame inspired by all the curvey things inside the stone.


Copper has been antiqued, polished and sealed. Will not darken further or rub off on skin. No polishing needed.

Comes with 24" faux copper chain.


Mariam Jasper Oval

  • 2 1/4" x 1"

  • Antiqued, polished and sealed.  Will not darken further or rub off on skin.  No polishing needed.

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