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I do so love Blue Lace Agate!  Here is a dainty pendant made out of a long and skinny oval cabochon of this lovely stone. The swirl at the base of the bail adds a classy touch without obstructing any of the lovely markings of this stone.   I included a photo of Blue Lace Agate in its natural state.  Here's more info about origin:


Blue Lace Agate is commonly found in Namibia, South West Africa. Small amounts have been discovered in other areas of the world such as Brazil, China, India and the United States. INTERESTING FACTS: Blue lace agate was discovered in 1967 on a farm in Namibia which was called South West Africa at the time.


Small Blue Lace Agate Oval

  • 2" x 3/4"

  • Antiqued, polished and sealed.  Will not darken further or rub off on skin.  No polishing needed.

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